How the Air Force Utility Program works.

The Air Force Utility Program is designed to set reasonable Utility Allowance (UA) for normal utility consumption in on-post housing. The housing office will conduct a mock billing period at each installation. During this mock period, you will receive a bill which we encourage you to review and contact us with any questions. The purpose of the mock billing period is to give you the opportunity to learn how the program works prior to actual billing, as well as see how much energy you are consuming and implement conservation efforts to help reduce your consumption.

Your mock bill will show your consumption compared to the UA for your home. You will not be responsible for any overages on your mock bill or qualify for any rebates. When actual billing begins, you will be responsible for paying for usage significantly above the UA. If you use less than the UA, you will begin accruing credits for refunds and will be issued a rebate check when your accrued credit reaches a specified amount determined by the housing office.