Water Conservation Program

It sounds too good to be true but our Water Conservation team rebuilds your property’s components at our expense.

Using our unique Pay-Out-of-Savings model, we recover our costs through your savings. Anyone can install water conservation products but the real savings comes when you partner with a team of conservation experts.

A two step process can qualify your property:


Obtain property survey and a 12 month water usage history.


Minol provides you with:

  • An accurate evaluation of water conservation potential at no cost to you.
  • A plan for rebuilding property components – at our expense.
  • A Pay-Out-of-Savings Program that applies your monthly savings in water and sewer costs against the installation cost until the investment has been paid off.

If your property is 5 years or older and you are spending $200 per unit annually,
Minol can help reduce your water usage and expense.

Water Conservation Resources

  • Pay Out of Savings